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All phases of the Grace 247 program will focus on rebuilding family relationships, identifying individual needs of each family, re-establishing core relationships, family interaction strategies, mentorship, building solid financial futures, and creating stable home environments.

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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

The vision for Grace 247 is a collective aspiration of each member of the board of directors who have personally been affected by drug addiction individually or through a family member. Members who have personally experienced or observed the struggles that men, women, and families endure during their addiction and continue to experience upon leaving residential treatment facilities when attempting to reestablish within their homes and communities.


Having personally lived as either addicts, or as family members of addicts, we, the founders of Grace 247 have seen first-hand the struggles of those living in or recovering from addiction. Throughout the years, we have been approached by addicts and families within our communities who have asked us for help. Many of those seeking assistance ask for opportunities and not just a simple hand-out. Our goal is to seek out the gifts and talents of individuals in local communities and help develop opportunities for them to utilize these gifts in ways that provide long-term solutions. We also intend to minister to people living in addiction by assisting to increase education levels and trade skills that would equip them to face the everyday challenges of life and increase opportunities for them in the future. Grace 247 will provide spiritual assistance as well, as we seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ.


What We Know

​The American addiction and overdose crisis has taught us many things, two of the most important of which are that community involvement is vital to curbing substance abuse and that addicts need all the help they can get when they are trying to get back on their feet. While specialized clinical treatment is vital to helping someone overcome drug or alcohol abuse, so is a network of support before, during and after patients complete their program.


Meaningful Work. Lifelong Experiences.



Assisted Transition Living

Grace 247 is an established transitional sober living lodge designed for men who have completed a residential treatment program. Grace 247 is a six month to one year home that focuses not only on the man, but also his family and children. Our lodge sits on three acres and is equipped with 14 individual bedrooms, 7 baths, a large commercial kitchen, living area, offices, and future game/family room.



Phase One

Phase one of Grace 247, a thirty-day program, will focus on transitioning from an established inpatient facility (John 3:16 Ministries) to a community-based group housing unit located at the Grace 247 lodge. The Grace 247 lodge is a 14-bedroom, 7-bathroom, four thousand square foot house located on three acres in Randolph County Arkansas. During phase one, residents and staff at Grace 247 will begin addressing current court related issued that have been pending due to in-patient treatment, establishing drug court classes, and attending, meeting, and establishing parole officer meetings, determining outstanding court fines, and establishing payment plans, and obtaining basic resources such as driver’s license, health insurance, necessary for employment opportunities. During phase one, residents will be required to work with Grace 247 instructors full-time in the community.



Phase Two

Phase two of Grace 247, a two-month program, will focus on successful transition from residential treatment into society. This phase will focus on pairing residents of Grace 247 with established employers within the community who have been vetted and have agreed to employee residents of Grace 247 with contingencies that include the provisions of a fully supervised program that includes weekly progress reports, on-going communication with Grace 247



Phase Three

Phase three of Grace 247, a three-month minimum program, will focus on strengthening family bonds and establishing healthy relationships within families as well as employment retention, building healthy community relationships, and reestablishing life within the community and family. Phase three of Grace 247 will also include opportunities for establishing skills through apprentices, formal work training in trades, and establishing future stable career opportunities.

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