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"I waited patiently for the lord; he turned to me and hear my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand."
Psalms 40:1-2NIV

At Grace 247 we strive for a wholistic approach to healing and desire to not only assist the men in our program, but also the community, families, and children effected by addiction. Below of examples of ways that Grace 247 intends to meet our mission.



Our Apprenticeship Program is achieved through partnerships with established companies within our community. Our goal is to provide the opportunity, skills, education, and training for those residing in our program to develop professional skills that will further their employment opportunities and careers.

Participants in the Trade Program will be required to participate in our Ministry program, although they need not share the same faith in Christ as we profess. We will provide a place of work for our participants and seek to create a work environment that is encouraging and uplifting to those in our program.

On-Site Work Trade Program

At Grace 247 we offer a Work Trade Program. Our goal is to provide the opportunity, skills, education, and training for those in our program to establish service-based businesses through the Work Trade Program. These services will be provided by residents in our house and provided to individuals and businesses across Northeast Arkansas. Examples of Work Trade Programs already established or planning to be established at Grace 247 include services associated with lawn care and maintenance, home care and maintenance, cleaning services, t-shirt screen printing, embroidery, a car dealership, and much more.  All the proceeds from these services would go directly towards investing back into  our Grace 247 programs. To date, Grace 247 has established many work programs. 



Grace 247 has anauthentic leadership opportunities within our outreach programs and organization. Through this program, we assist young people, families, men, women, and veterans and deepen their understanding and awareness of the multiple facets of drug addiction including signs of drug addiction, avoiding drug dependency, resources for drug addiction, and the impact of drug and alcohol addiction on local communities. Additionally, we will build the understanding, skills, and capacities of people of all ages, race, and ethnicity to be decision makers and analytical people when it comes to addiction, drug dependency, and addiction treatment and recovery.  The skills and understanding outlined above will be addressed via community projects aimed to meet the needs of those who seek assistance and their families.

Grace 247 will educate people of all groups to become informed by creating dialogue, and action plans associated with drug and alcohol addiction. We will actively work within the community to education all citizens of what drug addiction is, how it impacts families and communities, and available program options within our state that provide treatment options. We will work towards and use tools to enable the participants to collaborate with one another efficiently and effectively in a manner that promotes awareness of the impact of drug addiction in addition to promoting drug free environments through education.

Grace 247 will meet people where they are, educating them on setting goals with benchmarks and strategies for awareness of drug addiction. We will build young people’s individual competencies by providing age-appropriate support. Emphasize positive self-identity and inspire independent thinking about a purposeful lifestyle, short- and long-term goals, benchmarks, and pathways to achieve success.   Grace 247 will also assist veterans and the underserved within the community with the same tools, and resources to achieve success.



Grace 247 will make community engagement a priority for our infrastructure. Understanding that reintegration into the community following addiction is often difficult for Grace 247 residents due to on-going legal issues, restrictions of employment for felons, drug court mandates, and community perception, Grace 247 believes that it is imperative to establish a base of community volunteers who will engage, support, mentor, and uplift the residents of Grace 247 for purposes of assisting residents in achieving their short and long term goals for employment, family and community integration. Through established programs we hope to

  • Provide internships or volunteer opportunities which will offer the chance for others to be involved in our programs to have a greater impact for change.

  • Creates and engage coalitions and alliances with community members.

  • Engage our community to keep people inspired by and active in our work by identifying and involving the people and organizations with an interest in the focus of Grace 247

  • Create a support network; recruit likeminded individuals that seek to be part of the solution through identifying and overcoming any barriers to involvement.

  • ‘Be A Partner for Our Community; Leverage the Community for Knowledge, Turn community supporters into leaders and advocates.

To accomplish the tasks of the Volunteer Program, Grace 247 will implement the following procedures into our program:

  • Grace 247 will host individuals or groups to take part in our programs. These are volunteer who will work with and will serve to provide firsthand help for our programs. An example of this would be a specialist agreeing to train a resident of ours in a service that is being offered by our Work Trade Program. Volunteers will pay for all expenses incurred during their trip and will be hosted at our Grace 247 lodge or any other place that we provide. If it is deemed necessary, per the discretion of the board of directors, Grace 247 may offer to pay partial or full compensation to individuals or groups coming on volunteer trips to cover expenditures such as airfare, room and board, transportation, or other in-country expenses.

  • Grace 247 may offer opportunities for internships for individuals who are invited to participate in this way. These are voluntary internships, hosted and conducted in a period agreed upon by both parties. Volunteer interns will pay for all expenses incurred during their stay and will be hosted at our Grace 247 lodge or any other place that we provide. If it is deemed necessary, per the discretion of the board of directors, Grace 247 may offer to pay partial or full compensation to individuals or groups coming on internships to cover expenditures such as airfare, room and board, transportation, or other in-country expenses.

Any funds received through these volunteer opportunities and the entirety of the corporation’s activities will be used exclusively for the charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and will not be used for personal gains of any sort.

The percentage of time allocated to our Volunteer Program will be minimal. We do not anticipate specifically seeking out many volunteers outside of the county, as we will hire local staff to do the bulk of the work.

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Doing What’s Needed

Community involvement is vital to curbing substance abuse and addicts need all the help they can get when they are trying to get back on their feet. While specialized clinical treatment is vital to helping someone overcome drug or alcohol abuse, so is a network of support before, during and after patients complete their program. In addition to detox and rehab, a person recovering from substance abuse may also need all manner of logistical support. The outreach program at Grace 247 has been active since inception through utilization of the following:

Referral to Treatment Program

Grace 247 has diligently worked to establish affiliations with facilities and can quickly arrange intervention and admission assistance into a quality program. As graduates and former instructors of a local treatment facility (John 3:16 Ministries & 3:17 Ministries); the staff of Grace 247 has established affiliations with treatment programs throughout Arkansas. Through our referral to treatment program, the instructors and staff at Grace 247 can meet with families, caregivers, law enforcement, and addicts to personally discuss available treatment facilities and program requirements.

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Families of addicts are the most heavily impacted by this disease. Grace 247 will offer community-based prevention program resources to empower families living with an addict, including educational seminars, resources for free or reduced drug-testing supplies, intervention referrals, helpful tips, contact information for support groups and much more. Although prevention is admittedly the purview of the community, it begins in the home. Grace 247 will use our resources to provide a realistic look at what to expect when dealing with an addicted loved one and what you can do to manage their behavior and set parameters.

Growing up with a substance-abusing parent has profound effects on a child's world and their future well-being. Children growing up in homes with substance abuse are twice as likely to experience

  • Inferior performance in school

  • Emotional and behavioral problems

  • Low self-esteem

  • A higher risk of physical, verbal, or sexual abuse

  • A higher risk of developing anxiety or depression

  • Earlier onset of experimentation with drugs or alcohol

  • A greater chance of becoming addicted once they start using drugs or alcohol

Grace 247 addresses these barriers by providing families and children access to resources and support services including individual and family counseling services. Additional child development programs at Grace 247 include child development resources and newsletters, books, videos, virtual children’s programs offered through Hazelten Betty Ford program, and structured family events that indirectly and directly assist families address emotional issues that stemmed from parental addiction.

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Doing What’s Needed

Grace 247 will include an active advocacy program that will engage within the community by advocating on our issues for the purpose of changing hearts and minds regarding addiction; listening to the community and responding to its feedback; and ascertaining useful methods of engagement that are fit for the purpose of Grace 247. Through advocating, our goal is to create beneficial opportunities that allow the understanding and development of the skills, knowledge, and confidence of all the participants of Grace 247 for the purpose of enlightening and awakening individuals within the community and their perspective of Grace 247, our mission, work programs, volunteer efforts, and the long-term positive effects of our program for the community. Through the Grace 247 advocacy program our hope and goal are to foster and create an agent of change mindset within our local communities.

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Social Networking Establishment Assistance

The fundamental idea of social networking assistance is to address every conceivable area of a person’s life that has suffered to due to their substance abuse and provide links and remedies that heal, empower, and foster growth. We know that successful addiction recovery requires the establishment of new social circles and surroundings. Grace 247 addresses this issue by offering, sponsoring, and partnering with local groups that promote addiction free events, activities, outings, and social opportunities that include educational workshops, fun outings, awareness rallies, prescription take-back events and more. Grace 247 is committed to working with local prevention networks to give our residents and families a well-rounded, rewarding, and initiative-taking recovery experience.

While not required, counseling for family or friends can offer additional support. We have counseling resources that we can discuss as part of the initial treatment and during follow-up sessions.

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Grace 247 was established to provide direct logistical support and assistance through our residential program. When a person is recovering from addiction, they need resources to seek employment, continue therapy and find quality addiction-trained doctors to address the fallout of their prolonged substance abuse. Grace 247 will provide this assistance to residents of Grace 247 during their stay and will continue to offer support after program completion through on-going participation at Grace 247 and partnerships with other community-based organizations and addiction outreach programs. These resources and partnerships will provide a link to these services, helping patients to maintain their strength, independence, and peace of mind. With these vital safety nets in place, we hope to prevent relapse and start the destructive cycle of substance abuse all over again.

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